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Motoring Lawyers - Drink Driving

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A conviction for drink driving can be a disaster.  Unless the Court can be persuaded to find special reasons, you will be disqualified from driving for a minimum of twelve months for a drink driving sentence. The Court can also impose a fine, punishment in the community or even send you to prison, depending upon the circumstances of your case and how far over the drink driving limit you were.

Trying to represent yourself in drink driving cases can often result in the worst happening.

Our motoring lawyers have the expertise to spot technical defences and loopholes and to effectively present them in Court.  If there is no defence available, you may still be able to argue special reasons which could still save your license and beat your drink driving charge.

Successfully defending drink driving prosecutions requires care, skill, up to date knowledge and often access to the right scientific experts. Our expert driving offence lawyers can offer you all of these things so contact us now.

Failing to Provide a Specimen for Analysis

A conviction for failing to provide a specimen is also likely to see you disqualified from driving and you may also receive penalty points on your license.

Motoring Lawyers are available to advise you with up-to-date, expert advice if you wish to defend your case. Our lawyers are qualified solicitors and specialise in motoring offences.

If you wish to plead guilty, we can represent you in court and provide you with a comprehensive plea in mitigation which could significantly reduce any sentence you receive.


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