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Fixed Fee Advice and Representation - 500 plus VAT

Unfortunately relatively few motorists avoid being prosecuted at some point for speeding offences.  Often these prosecutions will be for travelling at speeds marginally in excess of the speed limit.

Speeding is a strict liability offence which means that the police do not have to prove that you were even aware that you were exceeding the speed limit.

We deal with people every day who are charged with speeding offences and have the expert experience to defend cases where it is possible. When it is not possible to defend a prosecution for speeding we provide realistic advice to save our clients money and to help reduce the impact upon the driving license.

Motorists who are at risk of accumulating 12 or more penalty points face disqualification from driving.  See our page “totting up” for information about how we can still help you keep your license.

Our solicitors can help you with a range of legal services from initial advice on your s.172 notice of intended prosecution through to representation at court for your plea hearing. We can even represent you for trial and will build a defence case on your behalf if you decide that you want to try and beat your speeding charge.

All work is carried out under and agreed fixed fee which means that you won’t be kept in the dark in relation to costs and there won’t be any nasty surprises at the end of your case.




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