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Most of us will receive a motoring conviction at some stage in our time on the road. A conviction for a road traffic offence can be particularly damaging, however, for new drivers.

If you have been a qualified driver for less than two years you will have your licence revoked if you receive six or more penalty points following a driving offence. As a result, you will be required to retake both your theory and practical tests and reapply for your license.

If you have six or more unexpired penalty points on your licence when you pass your test, you will you will have your licence revoked if you receive any points within your first two years following qualification.

Our motoring lawyers regularly defend new drivers of all ages and can provide you with expert advice and representation which could keep you on the road.

Our specialist driving offence lawyers provide a range of legal services from initial advice on the prosecution papers in your case right through to representation at your plea hearing and your trial if you wish to defend your case.

Our services are offered on a fixed fee basis meaning that there will be no nasty surprises for you when it comes to costs.








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