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In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of prosecutions brought against people for using mobile phones whilst driving.

Often, drivers dispute that they were even using their mobiles at the time that the prosecution allege and in even in cases where this is accepted a defence may be available if the mobile was being used due to a genuine emergency.

If convicted of driving whilst using a mobile phone you may be given a fixed penalty of a 60.00 fine and three penalty points on your driving licence. If your case is taken to court you could face disqualification and a fine.

Our motoring lawyers will advise you on the prosecution case and will explore all possible avenues with you if you wish to raise a defence. We will give you a realistic assessment of the evidence and if you wish to plead guilty our driving offence lawyers can provide persuasive representation which could keep you on the road.

Our specialist motoring department is up to date with all relevant legislation and our solicitors have local knowledge of all of the courts in the Northwest and can provide you with a range of legal services.

Advice and representation for your initial plea hearing is available for a fixed fee and should you wish to enter a not guilty plea we will help you build your defence case and run your trial for an additional fixed price.






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