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Motoring Lawyers - Traffic Signs

Fixed Fee Advice and Representation - 500 plus VAT

Finding yourself being prosecuted for failing to observe traffic signs can be extremely frustrating. In many cases, clients feel that they have not committed any offence and that their prosecution has been brought by subjective and overzealous interpretations of their actions whilst driving.

The penalty points which offences of this nature carry may mean that you face losing your licence (see our ‘totting up’ page for more information).

Our specialist driving offence lawyers are available to provide you with expert advice on the charges you are facing.

If you wish to have representation in court our lawyers can provide you with advice in relation to your case papers and the strength of the evidence against you. We can also represent you at court, whether you wish to plead guilty and you simply wish to keep your sentence to a minimum or whether you wish to enter a not guilty plea and have your case heard at trial.

Our motoring lawyers offer a fixed fee for all of their legal services so that you can be sure that you are never kept in the dark in relation to our costs. We can provide you with representation at your plea hearing for 500.00 plus VAT and if your case proceeds to trial we are happy to discuss a further fixed fee.

Many clients find that they wish to defend these allegations and are successful in doing so. Specialist legal advice will give you a realistic assessment of the prosecution case against you


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